11688 11688 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/antalis/l/prso_sealedair_aircap_02_13042016.jpg Aircap EL Small Bubble 1200mm x 200m AirCap Packing Materials Aircap 141.03 GBP Currently Out Of Stock

Aircap EL Small Bubble 1200mm x 200m



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    • Longer lasting protection AirCap® maintains consistent cushioning during storage and transit
    • Quality Assurance AirCap® is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high standards of production and quality.
    • Reduced costs, lightweight and less material is required



Product Details
Code 11688
Unit Individual Items
Brand Aircap
Dimensions 1200mm x 200m
Type Bubble Wrap
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